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  Welcome to our ranch
and the prairies of
Central South Dakota.

At Aberle Acres we like to manage our horse and livestock operations by blending the old traditions and ranching values with the more modern version for optimum production.

We believe in letting our colts run out on the prairies until weaning time so that they become strong, fit, and agile. The natural conditions offered on our ranch allows the foals to develop in the three most critical areas: bone structure, heart and lungs, and their muscles. Our larger pastures and draws give the growing foals the physical and mental experiences that develop overall body strength and ability.

The combination of great breeding and being raised on the prairies at our ranch gives the horses an added start that so many horses today never get to experience. We believe this is what makes the difference when it comes to what is asked of these young horses. These experiences, plus the natural cow and agility bred into them, make these colts a trainers dream.
"Not interested in producing the most horses we can ~ only the best horses we can"
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